Shades By Samiksha


Hi there!

I am an artist, calligrapher, designer and the founder of Shades — a boutique art studio which was created to share my close relationship and love for art. What started off as a creative outlet and passion project, led me to discover a niche career path for myself. 

I started with the basics, pencil and paper back in school, as my interest grew in art, I started experimenting with other forms . The work that I do now spreads across various mediums, forms, and surfaces, like watercolours, acrylic, ink, coffee, strings, wood, paper, fabric, leather, canvas, the list is endless. 

We have collaborated with various clients, to provide them with custom made products/ merchandise and services, like calendars, planners, paintings, home decor, personalised calligraphy and much more. Every product or service, at Shades comes along with hand crafted elements and uniquely curated design.

In today’s highly digitalised world that we live in, hand crafted art holds the rare ability to evoke sentiments of warmth  among human beings. The duality of perfection among imperfection is what resonates with most of us. 

At Shades, we strive to bring back the love, joy and appreciation of handmade art and craft.

I hope you fall in love with art, just like I did. Until then, get in touch with us for anything, commissions, custom designs/products, Calligraphy or hey, even just to chat.